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Picture of Phil Bennett


"Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano is full of depth, realism and a live feel that you just can't find in other virtual pianos. Simply put, it is a must in my studio!" - March, 2013. Phil Bennett (keyboards, Starship)



Picture of Peter Gorges"Having co-produced the first virtual grand piano ever, and owning most Grand Piano VIs that have been released since then, I still find myself going back to the Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano every time I need a intimate, 'noble' piano sound that most other VIs are just not able or designed to produce. I can get the Art Vista to sound incredibly direct, staying full and warm across the entire dynamic range, and it's got lots of character and just the right amount of imperfection that makes it stand out in an arrangement even when played soft." - March, 2013. Peter Gorges (virtual instrument pioneer (Steinberg, Wizoo, Digidesign) and serial music technology entrepreneur)


Picture of Yalil Guerra"I have been using Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano and the Malmsjö Acoustic Grand (my secret tools) on all my TV and Pop productions and recordings. Please visit and discover their wonderful and yet affordable products. Whisper the news!!!!!" - March, 2013. Yalil Guerra (Latin Grammy winner)


Picture of Terry Lawless"I have been using the Art Vista pianos almost since they first arrived on the scene. They quickly became the one VST that I use on virtually every project that I do. Realistic down to every nuance, versatile through every patch and extremely easy to install and use, I use them because I can always find at least one piano style that sits perfectly in any mix that I do. I particularly love the way the rock pianos cut through a guitar heavy landscape. I will never use anything else." - March, 2013. Terry Lawless (keyboards/programmer, U2 and P!NK)


image of Nick Smith "The Art Vista Cool Vibes is killing. It's like having Milt Jackson, Bobby Hutcherson, and Lionel Hampton in one. Incredible!!!" - July,2013. Nick Smith (jazz musician and composer, former keyboardist, The Tonight Show and former musical director and keyboardist, Stanley Clarke)


Picture of Big Swede"The Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano is as real as it gets! It's unbelievable sounding with such depth and warmth. It has blurred the line between fiction and reality!!" - March, 2013. Stefan "Big Swede" Svensson (composer, producer of custom sounds for NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: Miami, Keeping Up with the Kardashians)




Art Vista has been producing and distributing sampled instruments for more than ten years now. We started with the Malmsjö Acoustic Grand, a piano sample of a unique Swedish instrument, built in 1894. As a small company dedicated to getting the recording and programming just right, we have a small library of sampled instruments, highly regarded throughout the music production industry.

Our first big notice was from industry giants Trevor Morris and Hans Zimmer. Morris, who was at that time Hans Zimmer's chief technical supervisor, wrote, "Hans [Zimmer] has asked me to say for one, how wonderful your libraries are. We really enjoy your piano, and your vibes is truly excellent. Zimmer appreciates the attention to detail in your programming. You really do get it right."

Other early notices came from composers like Didier Rachou, a composer for popular television show, Sex & the City. In a note letting us know he was using our instruments for the show, he wrote, "[T]his Sunday evening there will be several cues...that feature your Cool Vibes and 'exquisite' Malmsjö piano."

Emmy nominated composer Philip Aaberg (Class C: The Only Game in Town) was an early convert. Upon playing the Malmsjö for the first time he wrote, "The only reason I want to stop playing the Malmsjö Grand is to write and thank you for sharing such a beautiful instrument! It is truly inspiring, and the only sampled grand with a real personality that I have ever played. I love the quirkiness in individual notes, the broadness of the bass range, and the bell-like clarity of the top...I'll never tire of playing this instrument."

Danny Lux was an early user, as well. He wrote that "This has been a wonderful addition to my collection. I have found this piano [The Malmsjö] sits better than any other piano sample I own into an orchestral setting."

We have slowly built up like a well-kept secret in the industry and are announcing the release of several new instruments, both electric and acoustical bass libraries.




We are at NAMM each year, Booth 6427-Hall A and welcome the opportunity to meet our customers and make new industry friends. This is a slideshow of some of the highlights. A full display is available on our Facebook page.


Sound on Sound magazine image

Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano 2: "Art Vista's new sampled piano won't break the bank or send you running out to buy a new hard drive - and it's still a sophisticated and versatile instrument."

Robin Bigwood, Reviewer, Sound on Sound

Cool Vibes: "I can say that the sounds are uniformly well recorded, and still extremely expressive when placed via a standard MIDI keyboard...While it's perhaps too specialist to sell in huge quantities, Art Vista have certainly squeezed the last drop of versatility out of this library, and, for those who want the unmistakable sound of real vibes, I've not heard better."

Martin Walker, Reviewer, Sound on Sound

Malmsjö Acoustic Grand: "Art Vista's Malmsjö Acoustic Grand is a 6ft Swedish instrument, built in 1894, which has a rich but mellower tone than the more biting modern concert pianos. It has been recorded with a small amount of room ambience, making it ideal as a 'live performance' sound."

Martin Walker, Reviewer, Sound on Sound

Electronic Magazine cover "Hugo Alfvén praised the Malmsjö pianos for their 'softness of tone and dreamlike sonority,' and I couldn't have said it any better. I also prefer Malmsjö Acoustic Grand's dark mellow tone when I need a more intimate piano sound's an excellent way to add to your piano collection without taking up additional floor space. I heartily recommend Malmsjö Acoustic Grand."

Zack Price, Reviewer, Electronic Musician